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BIMATEC SORALUCE  is pleased to invite you to the EMO 2019 in Hanover

EMO 2019 #MadeForYOU

SORALUCE to demonstrate the future of machining solutions live in Hall 13 Stand B38.

With the largest stand in the centre of the milling pavilion, we will be showcasing the latest machinery, technologies and solutions onsite, ensuring our customers’ technological progress,

The key philosophy at the EMO in Hannover is #MadeForYOU, with which we display our customer-focused mindset through highly innovative solutions for our customers worldwide.



Date: 16th – 21st of September 2019



Bed type multitasking machine

Experts in multitasking:
Milling, turning and grinding in a single set-up



Portal gantry milling maching

  • No chatter when machining flexible parts
  • One machine for roughing and finifhing

Floor type milling boring machine

  • Best stock removal rate through DAS+ patented
  • High power and torque 2-axis simultaneous head for 5-axis machining
  • Optimised cycle time through Adaptive Control system



The Power of engineering knowledge

  • Engineering knowledge through various projects developed specifically for some of our customers
  • Simplified workpiece set-up system through VSET, patented
the power of Engineering knowledge

The best process for specific application

  • Improve machining processes
  • Maximize machine’s capabilities
  • Ensure the optimal configuration of the solution for each specific need
    A professional, highly qualified and experienced team of engineers, aimed at satisfying the customer throughout the entire life of the machine.
  • Global analysis of the production process
  • Process engineering
  • Tooling assessment
  • Fixturing design and manufacturing
  • Development of heads
  • Development of custom cycles
  • Development of special devices
  • Personal training programs
  • Assistance during the initial phase of the machining process



leading portfolio

A world of possibilities

The result of #MadeForYOU is the most complete and advanced ranges of products and services on the market, designed to be customised according to each customer’s specific needs. SORALUCE’s well-established track-record means we offer a wide variety of milling machines, the new range of gantry machines, vertical lathes, multitasking solutions, automation lines and “best in class” services. In addition, this vision continuously contributes to improving the accuracy, productivity and profitability of each of our customers.


The intelligent machineplus

Your technology partner

#MadeForYOU is being an integral partner in technologically advanced machinery, making the “Intelligent Machine” a reality while providing high-added-value services and solutions.

As technological leaders of the milling sector, EMO is the perfect scenario to continue exploring the technological developments by Soraluce. Soraluce once again demonstrates its ability to apply these technologies in the day to day of its customers to provide great solutions to common problems in machining.


Precision for your masterpiece

Accuracy in the DNA

#MadeForYOU is the pursuit of excellence in meeting the most demanding precision requirements in the design, manufacture and verification of our products. The result are machines capable of offering geometric precision superior to market standards. This result is reflected in the quality of the components machined by our customers.

The innovations incorporated thanks to the following devices and technologies are noteworthy:

  • Dynamic Ram balance: Active ram ddrop compensation
  • Dynamic head calibration
  • Accura Heads: Compensates the head articulation positioning deviation for one particular position of the head