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BIMATEC SORALUCE  is pleased to invite you to the SORALUCE SUMMIT 2019 | PORTAL SERIES

Soraluce Summit 2019 New Portal Series

The event will be held at the new PORTAL FACTORY, the most comprehensive and advanced manufacturing centre for large-scale, high power portal machines.

The new PORTAL SERIES to be unveiled is part of SORALUCE’s strategic commitment. Endorsed by its knowledge and experience in milling and turning technology as well as its position as technological leader in the sector, SORALUCE will showcase a complete range of portal machines, including mobile table milling machines, gantry milling machines, multitasking machines, with fixed and moving cross beams, with a full range of heads and other options.

Come and experience live the new SORALUCE PORTAL SERIES!

Date: 20th – 22nd of March 2019




1. World premiere SORALUCE Portal Series

  • Full range of portal machines with several traverses and configurations.


2. The new Portal Factory
  • The most complete and advanced manufacturing centres for large-scale, high power portal machines.


3. Engineering knowledge
  • Machining engineering aimed at improving cycle time, productivity and profitability, responding to the most demanding machining challenges.


4. All in one multitasking
  • High performance capacity in milling, turning and grinding (NEW) in a single set-up.


5. Applied technology
  • High stock removal rate through smart damping solutions: DAS+, DWS
  • A world of applications and new functions through new interface Smart HMI
  • Simplified component set-up through SORALUCE VSET