Our values

We offer positive customer experiences and attach great importance to honesty, reliability, and friendliness. We communicate openly with our customers and are willing to listen to their needs and wishes. For them we create solutions with added value. We work full of energy and passion on this every day.

We act with integrity and stand for the following values:

Customer orientation    Reliability    Quality    Passion    Credibility   Trustworthiness    Value stability    Appreciation       Innovation    Flexibility    Future orientation

We as a company are committed to the creation of

  • a modern working environment that promotes team spirit, passion, commitment, and performance.
  • a management culture by sharing responsibilities with a flat company hierarchy.
  • of creative leeway for the implementation of your own ideas and personal development opportunities.
  • secure jobs and additional social benefits.
  • We see ourselves as an active part of society and are happy to assume our social responsibility. Social commitment is a matter of honor for us.

With us, people count

We want to inspire people to live these values for and with us. We promote integrity and respect in our company and secure our position as an attractive employer.

Our success is based on the commitment and skills of our employees. We support them through continuous personal development, open communication, and real teamwork. Because we are all Bimatec Soraluce. For us EVERYONE is important and EVERY opinion counts. That is why all our departments have their say.


Our vision is to create a new Bimatec Soraluce culture through responsible corporate management and teamwork, which questions and breaks up structures, processes and the way in which one communicates internally and externally.

It is not only a matter of economic results, but also about changes in responsibilities through a flatter hierarchy, internal activities, and respectful interaction with each other. By creating a new Bimatec Soraluce culture, we want to promote team spirit, passion, commitment, individual responsibility, personal development, and the performance of all employees.