Award ceremony Best of Industry Award 2019

BIMATEC SORALUCE receives the Best of Industry Award

BIMATEC SORALUCE receives the Best of Industry Award in the category of measuring and testing technology

BIMATEC SORALUCE Zerspanungstechnologie GmbH receives the award honouring the BEST of the best industrial products 2019 in the category of measuring and testing technology for the patented SORALUCE VSET system.

This year, 31 nominees in 11 categories were put to the vote. BIMATEC SORALUCE qualified for the Best of Industry Award by winning the “MM Award zur AMB 2018”.

An independent jury of experts from research, industry and editorial staff and the readership of MM MaschinenMarkt decided on the award. In total, the readers of MM Maschinenmarkt had submitted more than 16,000 votes in different categories in the online voting process.

The presentation of the Best of Industry Award 2019 took place yesterday during a festive gala in the Vogel Convention Center in Würzburg. Andreas Lindner and Thilo Borbonus, Managing Directors, Claudia Ferri, Head of Marketing, and Jan Lauer, Head of Sales Department, attended the award ceremony on behalf of all the employees.

Claudia Ferri, Head of Marketing of BIMATEC SORALUCE, during the award ceremony: „The award recognizes pioneering, innovative products and solutions that create added value for the market. We are therefore very pleased that our position as one the technological market leaders for large milling and turning centers is confirmed with this prestigious award.”


SORALUCE VSET is used to measure and align raw parts before machining.

The clou is that the workpiece measurement and the overstock control to ensure the quality of the workpiece, which is carried out simultaneously, take place outside the machine. This is made possible by a specially developed photogrammetry technology and practice-oriented evaluation software.

The system provides an accuracy of 0.05 mm for the first meter of the workpiece length. For each additional meter, 0.02 mm are added. For a component with a length of 10 m, the tolerance is therefore 0.23 mm only.

SORALUCE VSET is a cost-effective and precise measuring system, which allows enormous time savings for the alignment of large blanks of up to 70%. The resulting shorter downtimes and the quality validation of the raw part outside the machine offers customers a considerable increase in productivity of the machine.

In addition, the system impresses with its application as well as ease of use, and does not require an experienced measuring technician, even for complex workpieces.


The award affirms BIMATEC SORALUCE in its product philosophy #MadeForYOU, which stands for the customer-oriented direction of the company. When developing the patented VSET system, the focus was on customer requirements in order to best support their work processes.

The VSET system is part of the practice-oriented and innovative technology solutions of the intelligent machinePlus, which provide customers with added value on a daily basis.