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EMO 2019 | #MadeForYOU

Customers profit from SORALUCE technology developments

At the EMO 2019 SORALUCE will present its customer-oriented path by means of its product philosophy #MadeForYOU with seven new technology developments on three of the newest SORALUCE machine tools. Furthermore, visitors can experience live eight practice-oriented innovative machining solutions.

The middle point thereby are the four core topics of #MadeForYOU: “The intelligent machinePlus” with pioneering machining solutions, “Multitasking – All in one” – milling, turning, grinding in a single machine, “Passion for service” – practice-oriented services and “Precision – now every customer makes their masterpiece”.

„#MadeForYOU stands for an active cooperation with customers. In direct discussions, we want to learn about the challenges facing our customers and to question and analyse them. We see ourselves also in a responsible position to collaborate and to resolve these challenges together with our customers. These values make SORALUCE a partner with innovative modern products as well as services. #MadeForYOU stands for the way in which we live customer service. We respond to the special needs and requirements of every individual customer. Thus, SORALUCE is an extremely reliable partner for their customers, and SORALUCE has turned the intelligent machine into “reality”!”
Rafael Idigoras, Managing Director

The absolute highlights are the presentation of a portal milling and turning centre PMG 14000 at an exhibition from the Portal P range of machines, the multifunction machining centre TR-M 35 with the “all in one” package and the travelling column machining centre FP 8000 with the new simultaneous indexing milling head for 5 axis machining.

With a “world first” and patented active damping solution “Dynamic Workpiece Stabilizer DWS“ for elimination of vibrations during machining of instable workpieces, the customer is again presented with a new and unique technology. Together with the technologies developed and patented over the last years, such as „DAS+“ for the machine, the passive system „DPS“ for clamping equipment, SORALUCE now closes the circle for elimination of vibrations which can occur during the machining process. The results are “chatter free machining“!

Apart from this, visitors can see for the first time the SORALUCE VSET system for measuring and aligning raw components based on 3D vision technology. The patented VSET system has already won several technology awards. The measurement of the raw parts takes place outside the machine and reduces dramatically the clamping and set up time of these parts directly on the machine. The VSET system initiates an automatic comparison of the measured data with the nominal 3D data of the workpiece, then performs a „best-fit-calculation“ for the machining of the part, as well as generating clamping plans for loading and alignment of the workpiece as well as measuring programmes for the machine.

SORALUCE continually stands up to any new challenges and has for over decades set milestones in the machine tool industry with their unique and intelligent technology developments.

With #MadeForYOU SORALUCE puts the focus on the customer and responds to individual customer requirements, with the aim that their customers profit from these technology developments.


The machine highlights from SORALUCE at the EMO 2019

With the Portal milling and turning centre, PMG 14000 in gantry design, from the new Portal P range from SORALUCE, for the first time at an exhibition the 2 in 1 concept is presented to the market.

With a gigantic machining capacity of 130 m3 the machine is surely one of the largest products which is on show at the EMO 2019. The machine with its longitudinal axis traverse of (X) 14,000, cross traverse (Y) 5,500, and vertical (Z) 2,000 mm as well as 4,705 mm between the columns, will be delivered to the end user Maschinenfabrik Wüstwillenroth GmbH in Birstein, Germany after the exhibition. In the future it will machine high precision machine components as well as components for the energy sector with weights of up to 60 tn.

With the 2 in 1 concept for the new P range, SORALUCE developed an innovative machine technology in gantry design as well as the classical table version of the machine, which is also available. Customers can use these machines in the future not only for heavy duty machining but also for high dynamic and also for high precision machining. The basis for this, next to the traditional cast iron construction of the P range, are the standard INA linear guiding systems with integrated damping elements as well as the patented vibration damping system DAS+ for chatter free machining during rough cutting.

Through this combination, not only high dynamic axis drives, but also an integrated in line motor inside the ram with a power of 60 kW and a torque of 2000 Nm or a planetary gearbox with 100 kW and 4,000 Nm and spindle speeds of up to 7,000 rpm are also available.

“The purchase of the especially large SORALUCE portal machining centre is due to the machine equipment being supplied, extremely flexible and is an investment in our future. This is the largest investment in the history of our company. As we have complete faith and trust in the managing director Mr. Andreas Lindner we chose the PMG. Our business relationship has developed and grown into a partnership over the last decades.”
Karlheinz Weiß, Owner
Weiß Metallbau GmbH

For maximum use of the machines from their customers SORALUCE offers multitasking packages for milling, vertical turning and for grinding as well as the possibilities for pendulum working and automation solutions.

Furthermore for the first time the new multifunction machining centre TR-M 35 with the „All in one“ package is being presented. Milling, turning and grinding on one machine. A new innovative development on the TR-M is the stepless indexing milling head in T-design with 37 kW of spindle power and a spindle speed of up to 5,000 rpm. The new multifunction head allows the customer to be able to not only use milling tools in the head but also turning tools, and all tools can be changed automatically. Further to this, the main spindle is clamped during turning operations thus eliminating any backlash and increasing stability.

The machining capacity is also very impressive. A machine table of 3,500 x 1,400 mm and an integrated turning rotary table of 1,600 mm diameter gives customers the possibility to use the machine as a classical moving table machine or as a turning and grinding machining centre. Hereby simple or also the most complex of workpieces, with weights of up to 10,500 kg, can be machined with accuracies under 5 µm, surface quality better than Ra 0.8 during turning and under Ra 0.4 during grinding.

Another highlight is the travelling column milling and boring centre FP 8000 with axis traverses of longitudinal (X) 8,000, vertical (Y) 3,200 and cross (Z) 1,600 mm and with the new simultaneous indexing milling head with spindle speeds of up to 7,000 rpm for 5 axis machining. The new development in this case are the two simultaneous indexing axes inside the milling head. This stable and still compact design guarantees that a power transmission of 37 kW and torque of 1,200 Nm can be used to the full.

„On our SORALUCE travelling column and gantry machines, we process a wide variety of complex components for our H6 / H7 tolerances with stitch, shape and position tolerances in the 0.01 to 0.05 mm range.“
Hans Jürgen Hinzmann, Fertigungsleiter
SMS group GmbH


#MadeForYOU – The intelligent machinePlus

In developing the intelligent machine technologies, SORALUCE focused on the machine operator and how he can be supported at best in his daily work processes. The technologies are aimed at higher accuracies and thus precision, improved efficiency, usability, ergonomics and safety while reducing cycle times, downtime and consumption of emissions.

For the EMO 2019, SORALUCE developed the concept of the intelligent machine into the intelligent machinePlus. Further to the technologies already known “DAS” and “DPS” for eliminating chatter during machining, the world debut of the Dynamic Workpiece Stabilizer system DWS, which eliminates vibrations on the workpiece, as well as the next level of development of DAS auf DAS+ will be presented.

The mobile and patented damping system DWS can be easily attached to unstable workpieces such as welded constructions. DWS guarantees 5 to 10 times the cutting performance due to chatter-free machining for perfect surface finishes. Costly special tools or special solutions for the tension of the workpieces are now history.

DAS+ detects vibrations in the machine via frequencies which are generated during the machining process and generates counter frequencies in real time via built-in actuators in the ram of the machine. Thus, vibrations are reliably eliminated as soon as they start. The new DAS+ automatically detects and selects the appropriate method for chatter elimination, such as active damping of the cutter, optimization of the spindle speed or spindle oscillation during machining.

Visitors can convince themselves live at the EMO of the performance of the intelligent damping solutions DAS+ and DWS, which eliminate chatter during machining and thus significantly increase the cutting capacity.

The benefits of the patented VSET system for measurement and alignment of raw parts through 3D vision / photogrammetry technology will also be demonstrated. This cost-effective and precise measurement of the workpiece outside the machine ensures the quality of the raw part. Furthermore, by standardising the alignment process, a significant efficiency enhancement becomes apparent.

In respect to the theme of improvement of machining efficiency, SORALUCE has another highlight to offer: Smart HMI, an intuitive, ergonomic and easy-to-use intelligent user interface, shortening working time and enhancing the efficiency of the entire process.

The practice-oriented and innovative technology solutions of the intelligent machinePlus provides customers with decisive competitive advantages.


#MadeForYOU – Multitasking “All in one”

Nowadays customers demand machine concepts that offer maximum flexibility in the machining of complex workpieces. SORALUCE responds to this with a new range of compact multitasking centres TA-M, TR-M and FMT 4000 as well as a multitask package for large machines.

The machine ranges TA-M, TR-M and FMT offer machining capacities of up to 4,000 mm in length and rotary turning tables with diameters from 1,250 to 2,000 mm. With the specially developed functionality of these machines, a large number of complex workpieces with unit weights of up to 8,000 kg can be machined with high efficiency and precision. Complete machining, milling, turning and grinding on one machine eliminates the need for machining on several different machines eliminating re-clamping, dramatically reducing cycle time, setting up time and manufacturing costs.

SORALUCE has, as one of the first European machine tool manufacturers, revolutionized “the multi-task function” within large machine tools and workpieces with diameters from 1,000 mm to 8,000 mm can be machined. In addition to the milling and turning functions, customers now also have the “grinding function” available to them.

SORALUCE multitask machines with the grinding package offer high-precision machining with an accuracy of 0.005 to 0.020 mm and highest surface finish qualities under Ra 0.4 for workpieces.

“With our FR 12000 we machine high-precision large parts. With more than 500 measurements on a component with a Ø 3,500 and a height of 1,500 mm, we achieve form and position tolerances of 0.02 mm.”
Patrick Becker, Production manager
NCB Lohmann GmbH

The company offers a comprehensive range of multitasking features and equipment, including custom-designed turning tool holders, rotary and turning tables with speeds up to 400 rpm, custom cycles and a wide selection of multifunction milling heads.

One of the main highlights on all SORALUCE multitasking centres is the new mechanical milling head HxxxT. With the T-function, the milling head becomes a high performance “multifunctional milling, turning and grinding head” with the “same tool spindle”. This guarantees automatic tool changing for milling and turning tools via an automatic tool changer.

The developed multitask concept “All in one” can be implemented on bed type milling machines (T range), floor type milling boring machines (F range), portal milling and turning machines (P range) and vertical turning centres (VTC range).

At the EMO, SORALUCE will be demonstrating the technological progress of the new multitask concept with the bed type milling, turning and grinding centre TR-M 35.


#MadeForYOU – Passion for service

At the end of 2017, BIMATEC SORALUCE set themselves a vision that by 2020 not only to be able to offer the production of high-tech machinery, but also to offer a first-class and unique service with more transparency, quality and speed in all service and service processes.

In 2019, the successful re-structuring is almost finished. With new, comprehensive services as well as effective services and support in all phases of the machine’s life, BIMATEC SORALUCE becomes the ideal partner for its customers.

With 21 new service, training and technology specialists, the customer service and service area has been expanded by 50 % and a new training centre will be opened in January 2020. Via a new training portal on the website, customers can put together their ideal training and further education themselves.

The unique service concept includes a service hotline with 8 employees, which can be reached on weekdays in a shift system and on all weekends and public holidays throughout the year. The regional service fleet with 8 service buses operating throughout Germany and Austria is still unique in the field of large-scale machine tools. Over the next 12 months, the service fleet is planned to be expanded and then to have 13 service buses available. With the regionally based service technicians and the well-equipped service buses, 60 % of the problems are rectified on the same day and thus the company offers competent emergency aid 365 days a year.

In addition, BIMATEC SORALUCE provides 64 spare and loan milling heads and supplies customers with loan milling heads and high-quality original parts within 24 hours. The uniqueness is that every head which was rented to a customer, is completely checked and overhauled before it is available for the next customer. This gives “every” customer a loan milling head with exactly the same quality as its original milling head and customers are not confronted with any restrictions.

The four experienced technology specialists from BIMATEC SORALUCE support, analyse and evaluate the production and processing processes of the customers upon request and work out the optimum machining solutions for each specific application. Always with a view to increased precision, optimized machining processes, increased machine capacity and reduced cycle times.

Customers can also rely on the experience and expertise of BIMATEC SORALUCE for the retrofitting and modernization of older SORALUCE machines.


#MadeForYOU – Precision for your masterpiece

For more than 50 years, SORALUCE has been producing traditionally high-quality, high-precision milling, turning and boring centres. Over the decades, SORALUCE has grown to meet the challenges. For years, revolutionary developments and ideas have been setting milestones in the machine tool industry through innovative technologies in our machines and in the manufacturing environment.

The solid cast iron design and basic structure of the machines, coupled with modern linear guiding systems and a unique milling head technology, are the basis for demonstrably highest geometric accuracies above market standard.

„We mill guideways of machine tool beds in flatness and straightness of 0.01 mm / 1,000 mm length.”
Erich Preundler, Production manager
Framag Industrieanlagenbau GmbH

The precision of a machine is of crucial importance for the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece to be produced. Our milling head “Made by SORALUCE” has been the heart of our machines for more than 30 years and is manufactured in our own production in air-conditioned and dust-free production facilities with the highest level of mechanical precision.

„The SORALUCE milling head technology, which we know for more than 20 years, is for us one of the decisive arguments for the SORALUCE machine.“
Karlheinz Weiß, Owner
Weiß Metallbau GmbH

For the highest precision requirements, SORALUCE presents the following key technologies at the EMO:

Dynamic Ram Balance Compensation “DBS”
Especially large, heavy tools and changing between different milling heads of various weights often have an impact on the straightness of the machine ram.

DBS guarantees maximum precision in straightness, parallelism and flatness over the entire travel range of the ram and quill in conjunction with the vertical axis. The tool is set at perpendicularly or parallel to the machining axis with 100 % precision at any time and without operator intervention.

Dynamic Head Calibration “DHC”
Highest accuracy in the entire working area at all times. Automatic measurement of the machine kinematics and direct compensation of different milling heads and quills in every position in the working area as well as each milling head position.

Accura Heads
Accura Heads is an extension of the DHC package that guarantees high accuracy machining processes by compensation of any offsets in different milling head positions. This technology ensures the maximum accuracy of the machine since the auto-calibration cycle is carried out shortly before the machining process.