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EMO Press Preview | #MadeForYOU

SORALUCE provides its customers with added value on a daily basis

At the EMO 2019 (hall 13, stand B38) SORALUCE will present its customer-oriented path by means of its product philosophy #MadeForYOU. During the EMO visitors can experience “live” the four core topics of #MadeForYOU: “The intelligent machinePlus” with pioneering machining solutions, “Multitasking – All in one” – milling, turning, grinding in a single machine, “Passion for service” – practice-oriented services and “Precision – now every customer makes their masterpiece”.

SORALUCE continues to grow based on the challenges posed and is setting milestones in the machine tool industry with its unprecedented and intelligent technologies. The company has established itself as one of the technological market leaders for large milling and turning centres and convinces through high-quality products and customer-oriented services.

#MadeForYOU puts the focus on the customer and responds to individual customer requirements, with the aim of providing customers with added value on a daily basis.


#MadeForYOU – The intelligent machinePlus

In developing the intelligent machine technologies, SORALUCE focused on the machine operator and how he can best be supported in his daily work processes. The technologies are aimed at higher accuracies and thus precision, improved efficiency, usability, ergonomics and safety while reducing cycle times, downtime and consumption of emissions.

For the EMO 2019, SORALUCE developed the concept of the intelligent machine into the intelligent machinePlus. The world debut DWS, which eliminates vibrations on the workpiece, was added to the already well-known technologies.

Visitors can convince themselves live at the EMO of the performance of the intelligent damping solutions DAS+ and DWS, which eliminate chatter during machining and thus significantly increase the cutting capacity.

The many benefits of the patented VSET system for measuring and aligning blanks with photogrammetry technology will also be demonstrated. This cost-effective and precise measurement of the workpiece outside the machine ensures the quality of the raw part. Furthermore, by standardizing the alignment process, a significant efficiency enhancement becomes apparent.

The practice-oriented and innovative technology solutions of the intelligent machinePlus provide customers with a decisive competitive advantage.

SORALUCE has another highlight to offer for process improvement: Smart HMI, an intuitive, ergonomic and easy-to-use intelligent user interface, shortening working time and enhancing the efficiency of the entire process.


#MadeForYOU – Multitasking “All in one”

Nowadays customers demand machine concepts that offer maximum flexibility in the machining of complex workpieces. SORALUCE responds to this with a new range of compact multitasking centres.

SORALUCE was one of the first European machine tool manufacturers to revolutionize “the multitask function” in large machine construction. In addition to milling and turning, a “grinding function” is now also available for customers.

The machines offer high capacities and functionality for machining a variety of workpieces of different sizes and shapes with high efficiency and precision. Complete machining, milling, turning and grinding operations, on one machine eliminates the need for re-clamping, drastically reducing cycle times, set-up times and manufacturing costs.

The company offers a full range of multifunctional capabilities like specially designed tool holders, machine tables with speeds up to 400 rpm, custom cycles and a wide selection of multitasking heads.

An essential highlight of all SORALUCE multitasking centres is the new mechanical milling head HxxxT. With the T-function, the milling head becomes a powerful “multifunctional milling, turning and grinding head” with the “same tool holder”. This guarantees the automatic change of the milling and turning tools via a tool changer.

SORALUCE multitask machines offer high-precision machining in the area of thousandths of a millimetre and highest surface quality under RA 0.4 for workpieces with dimensions from Ø 1,000 to Ø 8,000 mm.

The developed multitask concept “All in one” can be applied in bed type milling machines (T range), floor type milling boring machines (F range), portal milling and turning machines (P range) and vertical turning centres (VTC range).

At the EMO, SORALUCE will be demonstrating the technological progress of the new multitask concept with the bed type milling, turning and grinding centre TR-M 35.


#MadeForYOU – Passion for service

BIMATEC SORALUCE offers comprehensive and effective services and support throughout the complete life cycle of the machine, making it the ideal partner for its customers.

The technology specialists from BIMATEC SORALUCE analyze and evaluate the production and machining processes and develop the optimum machining solutions for each specific application. Always with a view to increased precision, optimized machining processes, increased machine capacity and reduced cycle times.

The unparalleled service concept includes the service hotline as well as a regional service fleet with competent technicians for troubleshooting within 24 hours. A specialized team from the fields of mechanics, electronics and application offers qualified immediate assistance 365 days a year.

BIMATEC SORALUCE has 64 spare and loan milling heads available and supplies customers with loan milling heads and high-quality original parts within 24 hours.

Customers can also rely on the experience and expertise of BIMATEC SORALUCE for the retrofitting and modernization of older SORALUCE machines.

Various practice-oriented training courses for machine operators, programmers and maintenance staff complete the wide range of services offered.


#MadeForYOU – Precision for your masterpiece

Precision is a cornerstone in SORALUCE and all technology solutions are designed to enable customers to machine their workpieces with the highest level of accuracy and quality.

The solid cast iron design and basic structure of the machines, coupled with modern linear guiding systems and a unique milling head technology, are the basis for demonstrably highest geometric accuracies above market standard.

For the highest precision requirements, SORALUCE presents the following key technologies at the EMO:

Dynamic Ram Balance Compensation “DBS”
Especially large, heavy tools and changing between different milling heads of various weights often have an impact on the straightness of the machine ram.

DBS guarantees maximum precision in straightness, parallelism, and flatness over the entire travel range of the ram and quill in conjunction with the vertical axis. The tool is set at perpendicularly or parallel to the machining axis with 100 % precision at any time and without operator intervention.

Dynamic Head Calibration “DHC”
Highest accuracy in the entire working area at all times. Automatic measurement of the machine kinematics and direct compensation of different milling heads and quills in every position in the working area as well as each milling head position.