We supply highly productive solutions

Through automation, machines produce efficiently, with unattended operation as possible, and high process reliability. We have developed automated and flexible solutions for our Soraluce milling and boring centers that significantly increase the productivity of your manufacturing processes.

Automatic pendulum machining

Several workstations can be set up for pendulum machining. Parts can be loaded and unloaded during machining while the machine continues to produce on another workstation. The work areas can be flexibly equipped with clamping tables, angle plates, rotary and travelling tables, reversible clamps and tilting tables according to customer requirements. The result is maximum productivity and flexibility.

DUPLEX machines

One machine – two spindles: DUPLEX milling machines are two machines installed opposite each other that can be used together or individually. We offer duplex solutions for the F and SLP series. This means that two spindles are used simultaneously.


Advantages of duplex systems:

  • 50% improvement in productivity
  • Two spindles on one workpiece
  • Six-sided machining in a single set-up
  • One operator – two machines: Operation of both machines with the master machine
  • In combination with pendulum machining: Double production, no set-up times
  • Automated workpiece feed (palletizing)
  • Low-attendance or unattended operation possible (e.g. in combination with palletizing)
  • Robot tool arenas and automatic tool management system
  • Common machine zero points



In order to make optimum use of the advantages, Soraluce has developed special cycles and options for DUPLEX milling machines.

  • A second control panel in the operator platform, to operate both machines by only one operator from one operator platform
  • Synchronization of CNC programs to increase productivity
  • Soraluce anti-collision system to prevent the collision of the two machines in the event of a programming error
  • Standardization of the machine zero points for both milling machines to increase the precision of the workpieces being machined

Pallet changing systems and flexible manufacturing systems FMS

Our finished concepts for automated production lines are adapted to individual customer requirements and have already been comprehensively implemented in floor type milling-boring centers of the F series, horizontal boring and milling centers of the KB-150-W series and portal and gantry multitask machines of the P series. It is possible to additionally integrate various automatic tool changing systems and automatic milling head changing systems. The result is a highest level of automation.

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