A simplified interaction between machines, people, and processes and increased operational efficiency. SORALUCE DIGITAL is our digital guiding principle in manufacturing.

The four core competencies of SORALUCE DIGITAL provide valuable data that can be used for optimization: Shorter processes, reduced lead times, improved use of resources and reduced process costs are the result. Optimizations that provide the decisive competitive advantage in a highly competitive market.


The four core competencies of SORALUCE DIGITAL

Ready for Industry 4.0


The SORALUCE data system is a data-driven analysis tool that uses the data provided by the machine to determine valuable results and makes them available to the user. The status and condition of the machine are constantly monitored to ensure that the performance of the machining process is as high as possible.

Smart Machine / Monitoring


With a further development, Soraluce monitors various machine components with intelligent sensors. The evaluation of the sensor data by specially developed algorithms, allows exact diagnosis of manufacturing processes and the machine. The result is continuous improvement in manufacturing processes and machine maintenance.

Advanced HMI



Soraluce provides a complete utility program based on the HMI function of the HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 control. A new user-friendly interface and special functions have been developed in the HMI functions and are available for use immediately.

  • User-friendly softkeys
  • Customer-specific diagnostic masks
  • Manufacturer cycles
  • Dynamic collision monitoring
  • Extended tool management
  • Soraluce apps

Control of complete production lines


Soraluce has developed a customized “Control System” software to control production cells / lines with the help of the job list concept. All the elements that make up the production cells / lines, such as machines, workpieces, pallets, tools, CNC programs, etc., are integrated and connected with the help of this software to simplify operation.

  • Completely modular solution
  • Various levels of administration
  • Complete integration into the CMS Corporate Management System



A practice-oriented digital world

Your networked life can be so fascinatingly simple. Sensors and control information provide data as a basis for intelligent analyses and optimizations. SORALUCE Digital offers you a practical digital world with Industry 4.0 and the smart machine.


  • Real-time information on the status of the machine and the machining process
  • Extensive reporting for optimizing machining processes and energy consumption
  • Monitoring of machine components for precise diagnosis of the manufacturing process and the machine (smart machine)
  • Maintenance manager, cutting data calculator, alarm module
  • Extended HEIDENHAIN HMI function with a complete utility program
  • Simple networking of the machine via Ethernet
  • Interface and integration into MES, ERP, and other production control systems
  • Display of the machine status on any web-enabled terminal
  • Complete data security through our own cloud system