Soraluce Summit 2023

Soraluce Summit 2023


  • From 13 – 15 June the machine tool manufacturer will be holding this year’s SORALUCE SUMMIT 2023, demonstrating its international leadership in milling, boring, multitasking and automated solutions.
  • During the event, the company will carry out the world presentation of the New Performance Line with live demonstrations. Soraluce is extending its range of products with solutions to maximise reliability and precision, in addition to exceptional flexibility.
  • The event will also serve to open the LEED-certified New Soraluce Assembly Plant.
  • On a guided tour, the company will be showcasing its latest achievements and state-of-the-art milling, boring, multitasking and automated projects, and will present spaces with smart damping solutions, digital services, manufacture of heads and cutting-edge sectors such as the aerospace industry.

Bergara, 13 June 2023.- Soraluce will be opening its doors at the next SORALUCE SUMMIT 2023 (13-15 June), an event packed with new features to chalk up a milestone in the sector. It will include the world presentation of the new Performance Line range and the inauguration of the new assembly plant for milling, boring, multitasking and automated solutions, close to the main plant.

The main theme of this year’s event is the way in which Soraluce understands and practises leadership. Through the innovation, specialization, growth, sustainability and lessons learned from its experience in the sector over more than 60 years. SORALUCE SUMMIT 2023 will reflect a spirit of leadership centering on growth, hard work, non-conformity, commitment and perseverance.

As usual, SORALUCE SUMMIT 2023 will be assembling the best professionals operating in the sector in order to strengthen ties, share knowledge, and show them the latest state of the art with a guided tour, exciting live demonstrations, and theme corners to interact with company experts, and see how innovation can make their projects a success.

New SORALUCE Performance Line

The world presentation of the new range of Performance Line equipment will be one of the high points of SORALUCE SUMMIT 2023. The new line represents significant progress in terms of our ability to offer state-of-the-art solutions for the industry’s most challenging tasks.

Against a backdrop in which industrial sectors require increasingly advanced technology solutions to address their future challenges, Soraluce has taken another step forward to extend its range of milling, boring, multitasking and automated solutions. The machine tool manufacturer has now added a new line of milling machines to its product portfolio to help furnish a response to challenges in the sector, offering added-value solutions in the most demanding industrial environments.

The new Performance Line provides the best possible ratios of realiability and precision with exceptional flexibility for medium/large parts.

A common structure, three different types of architecture and countless solutions to adapt to the needs of each of our customers in the most competitive manner possible.

Each of these families caters for several models and setups (fixed table, rotary table, turning table), producing machines that can be configured for different work environments. These are 3 ranges sharing the main machine features, such as the column, console, ram and heads, built on the principle of modular design, to give us high reliability, easier service and flexibility to devise a solution for the customer.

Performance Line has the same design principles as SORALUCE’s heavy-duty machine range: Soraluce Winning Combination, providing the most rigid and dynamic solution available on the market, with a combination of a cast iron structure, linear guides and active/passive damping technology.

It applies all the experience the manufacturer has obtained from our larger models, and has chosen the solution giving us more precision and reliability: direct drive inline motor and high torque in the ram, with a 32 kW motor capable of reaching 7000 rpm. The motor is water-cooled to boost heat stability and secure the best precision machining results.

The new range also offers the following:

  • A wide range of milling heads. High-performance automatic indexing mechanical heads, with high RPM and great precision. The heads are water-cooled for maximum head stability and precision results. The machinery can also cater for high-speed vertical heads, high-speed continuous-positioning vertical heads (torque motor, C axis) and universal automatic-indexing heads with electrospindle accessory, for continuous 4/5 axis machining.
  • 24″ touch screen and a larger work area to enhance ergonomics and user-machine interactivity. In addition to the standard 640, we can also fit the new Heidenhain TNC7 with its new interface, to make the control system easier to use, and boost interactivity with the user.
  • Smart HMI, a smart intuitive interface enabling us to manage the work area running the NC programme in parallel with an area for the development of apps that allow us to connect the machine to the customer’s ERP, or monitoring energy consumption, for example.


Inauguration of the New Plant

Expansion of the company’s business means major investment in new production plants and the infrastructures they require to make them operational.

As part of the Danobatgroup investment package, a total of 35 million euros to enlarge and modernise facilities, Soraluce has invested over 15 million euros to consolidate all its activity at the Osintxu and Mekolalde plants in Bergara.

Soraluce centers firmly on sustainability throughout the entire value chain for the activation of activities that make it possible to implement the partnership-enterprise project to which it aspires. A focus on growth that is sustainable over time, and also environmentally sustainable. The new assembly plant was designed on sustainable criteria, and has LEED GOLD certification. A further 2,530 m2 to add to the current facilities, with a total surface area of 30,000 m2.

This state-of-the-art plant will boost production capacity, thereby providing a better service for our customers.

The new plant will have photovoltaic panels, like Soraluce’s other facilities. The Basque company produces its own energy with solar panels fitted at its production plants. This reduces its mains electricity consumption by 30 %, and also considerable reduces emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.

A brand promise

SORALUCE SUMMIT 2023 will not only be presenting the new range and the assembly plant, but it will also be ushering in a new phase for Soraluce, with a new message, a different style and new prospects, with no changes to its intentions.

There Is Only One First is the Soraluce undertaking to continue its role as technology leaders. More courageous, demanding, reliable, tenacious leaders, proud of our origins and committed to the future.

There Is Only One First is the message to the market, a promise of (r)evolution with respect, betterment and leadership to be shared with its customers and partners, because Soraluce wants them to lead their own markets and wants them to be first too.