No tool breakage!




Increasing cost pressure and ever more complex requirements in manufacturing, demand optimization of the machining time, decreased tool breakage, and reduced associated costs.


Advantages for the machining process

  • Fully automatic: No manual intervention necessary
  • Reduced processing times
  • No tool breakage
  • Up to 30% longer tool life
  • Improved surface quality

Advantages during machining and maintenance

  • Simple handling and operating
  • Function can be used immediately without trial cuts
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased service life of the machine


With the SORALUCE ADAPTIVE CONTROL, tool breakage is a thing of the past: This fully automatic feed control adapts the feed rate of the machining process to the usable spindle power. This means that the feed speed is increased for less stock removal and is reduced with increasing stock removal. This protects the machine, the tool, and the workpiece.

Compared to the conventional feed controls, the function is ideal for practical use, is easy to operate, and can be adapted during machining. By monitoring and evaluating the performance of each tool, SORALUCE ADAPTIVE CONTROL is an optimal addition to DAS.



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