Increased tool life!





Fully automatic, oscillating change of the spindle speed avoids vibrations in the cutting process. The result: Significantly longer tool life!


Advantages for the manufacturing process

  • Continuous, automatic machining process
  • Improved surface quality
  • Optimized process stability
  • Up to 30% longer tool life
  • Less tool breakage
  • Increased productivity

Advantages during machining and maintenance

  • Fully automatic: No manual intervention necessary
  • Manufacturer cycle for easy programming
  • Simple handling and operating
  • The function can be switched off and on at any time, in any operation mode and even during machining


Vibrations in the machining process reduce surface quality and tool life.



The SSV SPINDLE SPEED VARIATION function creates a fully automatic, oscillating change in the spindle speed and ensures a continuous, smooth machining process. Tool life is extended by up to 30%.

DASwith the integrated SSV function in conjunction with the automatic SORALUCE ADAPTIVE CONTROL feed control optimizes the manufacturing process significantly. The achieved surface qualities are drastically and permanently improved by the continuous automatic optimization. No special tools required.

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