Bed type multitasking center TAM


Bed type multitasking center TAM

The all-rounder: Milling, turning, and grinding in one machine


  • Compact design for installation without a separate foundation
  • Maximum 8,000 kg table load for milling, 2,000 kg for turning and grinding
  • Integrated NC rotary table 1,250 mm in diameter
  • Universal milling head for machining at any angle
  • Universal milling head with clamp for turning function


Travel range X-axis (lengthwise) 2,500 / 3,500 mm
Travel range Z-axis (vertical) 1,500 mm
Travel range Y-axis (crosswise) 1,200 mm
NC rotary and vertical table 1,250 mm in diameter
Machine table TAM25 1,250 x 1,250 mm
Machine table TAM35 3,500 x 1,050 mm with integrated NC rotary table Ø 1,250 mm
Maximum vertical rotary table speed 400 rpm
Vertical rotary table drive capacity 65 kW / 3,150 Nm
Maximum table load: 8,000 kg for milling, 2,000 kg for turning and grinding
Milling head types Universal milling head
Automatic indexing milling head stepless or 2.5° x 2.5° indexing
Infinitely variable vertical milling head full NC axis for 5-axis machining
Tool holder ISO 50 / HSK100
Milling/turning spindle (T version) With hydraulic clamp for turning
Drive capacity 32 kW
Torque 611 Nm
Speed range 5,000 / 6,000 / 7,000 rpm
Automatic tool changer 40 / 60 magazine pockets
Travel speeds 35,000 mm/min
CNC controller Heidenhain TNC 640
Siemens Sinumerik One
Elektronic hand wheel with cable or radio wave
Coolant system by spray ring and IKZ up to 70 bar
Coolant type Coolant / air / air with MMS
Maximum workpiece weight 5,000 / 7,500 kg