Technology Days 2021

Live and exclusive: High-precision heavy machining at its best

Bimatec Soraluce, one of the world’s leading companies for milling, turning and grinding technology based in Limburg, Germany, had invited to its Technology Days.

Technology Center

Hall 1 is a showroom of a different kind. On 2,100 m2, five impressive machines live in operation: Floor type milling boring machine FR 16000, Floor type milling boring machine FP 8000, Portal milling and turning center PMG 12000, Floor type milling boring center FLP 8000 Duplex.

Demonstration Center

In another hall there were Bed type milling and boring center TA-Smart 35, Bed type milling, turning and grinding center TA-M 35, Bed type milling and boring center TA-A 25 presented.

For comparison, at the major metalworking fairs, Bimatec Soraluce of course shows its key models, but for reasons of space, just not all of those that comprise the portfolio and are just as interesting.

Targeted information for each visitor individually
Here, visitors could take a close look at all the models at their own pace immediately contact a member of staff if they had any questions.

Frank Jung, head of technology
Head of Technology Frank Jung is completely in his element when explaining the machine details.

Anyone with questions about the technology could ask Frank Jung, the head of the technology department, or one of his colleagues, and not only did they receive precise answers to every single question, but they were also promptly given a demonstration on the machine that matched the challenge. Including a ride in the operatorĀ“s cab of the floor type milling boring machine.

When it came to questions about project management, for example foundation preparation, delivery times or organization of the installation, there was also the respective contact person who left no question unanswered.

Also interesting for students
It has become a tradition that at the start of the Technology Days on the first day of the exhibition week, students from the Weilburg State Academy of Technology and a class from the Montabaur Vocational School are among the visitors. This year there were a total of three classes – 70 students in all. Among them were trainees in the profession of cutting machine operator and future production and quality managers from different apprenticeship years.

Relaxed environment
For those who wanted to get a somewhat deeper impression of the range of products offered by the machining experts, it was particularly pleasant that Bimatec Soraluce completely dispensed with background noise at this event: the machines run extremely quietly anyway and there was no additional music, no loudspeaker announcements, as is usually the case at trade shows, no crowds, no stand guidance with headphones. Only individual conversations – with time and in peace.

The range of information was completed by the exhibition partners Heidenhain, Hexagon, OMG, Siemens, Renishaw and Open Mind, who were also represented with a booth each and were open for all questions.

The aspects that made these Technology Days special
In terms of the external conditions are concerned it was a thoroughly successful event, as is probably also the case elsewhere. But what makes it something very special is the spirit of Bimatec Soraluce. All employees, from the sales manager to the colleagues at the service department to the very new trainees, are convinced and motivated, because they and their contributions are valued. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that dual student Lucas Wetten has quite naturally been given his own place in the large hall next to the million-euro exhibition machines for his project, a fully functional portal milling machine with automatic milling head changing system – made entirely of Lego.

Built in 200 hours and programmed with mind storms for another 500 hours – of course, this machine also gets its own data sheet, just like the “big ones”. (Image: Sonderleittner)

It is clearly noticable that there are enthusiastic technology inventors at work here who are passionate about heavy machining and who solve one user problem after another for the customers: the chatter with the patented DAS+ system, the complex measuring and alignment of large raw parts with the patented Soraluce VSET and the natural vibration in the workpiece with the DWS system, which is also patented.

For its DWS, Bimatec Soraluce is currently also nominated for the Best of Industry award in the design and development category of Maschinenmarkt magazine. The voting will run until Nov. 12, 2021, so it is exciting. Feel free to vote! Perhaps space will then have to be made on the shelf so that the new award fits next to the one that Bimatec Soraluce won in 2019 in the category of measuring and testing technology for the VSET system.

Andreas Lindner, managing director

Andreas Lindner, co-owner and member of the management board, draws a positive conclusion: “This was really a very good event. It is evident that the workload in the companies has now picked up and that corresponding investments are being planned or implemented directly. We were actually able to write orders here during the Technology Days. You can’t ask for more than that.”

At the same time, Lindner is proud of the development of the company, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year: “We have grown from a garage company to a company with 102 employees and 50 million in annual sales, but still maintain a very family style. Almost half of our employees have been with us for over ten years. We have now been continuously in the market for 30 years and have always evolved, and continue to do so in the future: more and more towards the customer, to whom we are and want to be a genuine partner.”

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